Sea Smoke-Buzzards Bay


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Aug 3, 2012
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New Bedford, MA. USA
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A few days ago it was really cold one morning. When I looked out over the bay, the entire bay was covered in sea smoke. Only had a short time to get a few shots before the sun would burn off the mist so I had to move fast. Problem was, that I had to shoot straight into the sun. Real hard to focus that way. No other way to do it. It's not the best shot I would have wanted but it's the best I could get under these conditions. That's 12 miles across to the Cape Cod that you see.

Temp.-minus 7 degrees F, Wind Chill Factor-minus 17 degrees F

IMG_3413.JPG - Copy.jpg
Good grief - with those temps, you're lucky you got anything! I think it looks rather dreamlike.

You get credit just for being out there!
WOW........ So I have no excuse for not going out shooting this week when it gets down to 15 degrees...

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