Second Attempt...Portrait. C&C Please

Number 1 is great. It's what kids do... flop anywhere, twist around to talk to you. She looks very comfortable and natural in that shot. Nice capture.
Approximately a 4000 percent improvement over the first batch. Every single one of these is cute, and shows "personality".
The best portrait photographs make it look like the photography is secondary.

Very well done.

Hmm, that phrase would make a great signature.
I really like 1, but the background in 4 is distracting. But when you work with kids, you can't do much. :p
Thanks for the feedback everyone, I look forward to posting the third attempt in the coming week.

I must say, I feel like I'm cheating with shooting young kids up and close (limited background = limited concerns of composition...they ARE the composition) and as it's obvious from my first attempt, composition is where I'm hurting and where I require immediate improvement.

Much thanks.

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