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Dec 16, 2007
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This image is a form of experiment. It is trying to express the idea behind any photograph and our reaction to it.

To get you started, imagine that the space in this photograph is not what it seems. The very first level is merely a slice of reality, of our physical 3-dimensional world, seeing through someone elses eyes, "see what i see". It suggests that the viewer should try to understand the author a little deeper by trying to go to another dimension, which is a lot more blurry... it is sometimes hard to understand, it is about our feelings which we sometimes try to express, "feel what i feel".

Next level and the rest of the photo are left for the viewer to think about and interpret. Hope you enjoy it!

It's an interesting image, but I feel that it lacks any sort of punch. I mean, I don't really understand the image. If I understood it, I'd probably like it more. I can respect that you were trying something new, but it just doesn't strike me as much. Sorry.
i agree with trenton romulox...

really love the concept, kinds of reminds me of the "saw" movies, jijiji
I know, it lacks the punch for me as well :( but as i said its a just a study of concept to be improved later, so im glad you guys find it interesting at least in some way :thumbup:
My interpretation of the shot would be you are attempting to convey the fact that as a photographer everything you see is in a frame/ is a potential photograph. However I am unsure of the reason for the second piece of paper.

The idea as a concept I think is a nice one. However as other people have said the image lacks that little something.

I think you have a number of problems, tonally it's all a little gray and uninteresting. The background is really letting this image down also. It is very distracting and looks very staged.

I would suggest you shoot it again but with the picture frame etc in there natural surroundings. I think it would give the whole image allot more punch. Another idea would be to write the words on the glass and look through the frame two the words in the background. It might get a little cluttered tho, but worth a look.

I'd quite like to see the results if you did.
I think I'd have like it better if you hadn't explained it. ;)
lots of points to you for thinking outside the square....the execution needs a little work but I like your idea about perception. I think using a vertical format would be better as a you are using a frame to contain the idea, also perhaps smooth out the background and go for more contrast, make it punchy.

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