Seek free simple easy photo fix to replace Microsoft Office 2010 photo manager


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Oct 25, 2014
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We seek free online simple photo fixer for laptop download from cell phone pics to quickly crop, auto correct, compress & save to jpg file, like in couple minutes.
We have tried many available online free photo editors. Found none is simple & fast & easy to use.
We have been using Microsoft Office 2010 photo manager for decades, until we cannot use Micrsoft Office anymore, beaucse Microsoft Office starting charging for services.
No, we give up on Adobe becuase they spend more time concern with account registation and checking and verification and certification, etc.
Your advice are much appreciated.
I have no real experience with it but have you tried Windows Photos?
Yes, just found this Microsoft Photos.
Yes, we have Microsoft account. Log in. Tried to load and install.
Keep saying where do you want to install? It looks like you don't have any applicable device(s) linked to your Microsoft account. To install, sign in on a device wih your Microsoft account.
Well, just like Adobe, obsess with their own account, certification and verification, and what not....
OK. we got to
Then, Register device, then enter serial numbder of your Surface Xbox, or related accessory to see its warranty status or create order. For other device see, Add a device to your Mirosoft account
Select your region: United States
Enter serial number:
So, it must be some kind of Microsoft Hardware to get into so call Microsoft Account Hardware Device.
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Microsoft, Apple, Abobe, et. al. are in business to make money. Years of software theft has made companies do this type of thing.

Good luck.
We have tried numerous photo editing programs. Unable to find just one:

for laptop download from cell phone pics to

quick crop, auto correct, compress & save to jpg file

in couple minutes
Look for an old copy of Picasa.
Google no longer supports it, so you have to find it on the internet.
Thanks ac12. Just downloaded a copy of Picasa 3.9 and tried it.
A little too much editing tools but without file compress tools.
Able to crop, auto color. but no file compress. Typically cell phone photo are much to large. We compress to around 100kb pictures are good enough.
100kb !!!
Are you compressing or resizing?
OK, I don't know what your native cell phone pic file size is, but my camera files are above 10MB.
To get a 10MB image down to 100KB, is a 100:1 compression.
Yes, 100kb to 200kb pics are enough, Yes, both resizing using cropping and compressing. Most chat cell phone photos need no detail 10MB pics.
For resizing, I often use "Paint."
Simple and easy.
When I've made composite images, I've taken 15MB images and resized it down to less than 15%.
You can crop in Paint, but it has no image 'auto correct' function.

I've used a program that could save an image at different quality levels/resolution.
- I think this is how the resizer in Paint works.
An image at 100dpi is smaller than an image at 300dpi. And if you are just going to look at it on a cell phone, you don't need the high rez image.

Compressing is another subject.
- Do you mean to use compression to send the image file to someone who will then UN-compress the file to view it, like a ZIP file.
- Or do you mean the receiver to immediately be able to view the image, WITHOUT un-compressing the file?
If it is the 2nd, you are stuck with the standard formats.
Cuz if you send me a file in super compressed JPG-SC, but my device cannot read JPG-SC, I can't view it.
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In Microsoft Office 2010 Photo Manager, under command line "Picture" drop down manual, first there is "auto correct" that help balance picture brightness; in 7th drop down manual is "Resize" that change the original size width & height or percentage of orginal; last drop down manual is "compress picture" for document (usually 200KB or web page or E-mail messages. Very useful for simple & fast chat postings.
Ah, I don't know what compressing it is doing, but to me most of the "compression" appears to be from doing a resizing down to different predefined pixel dimensions. 160x160 for email. IOW you lose a massive amount of image resolution in that compression.


I don't know your phone camera app, but do you have the ability to specify the image size?
Google : compress jpg image online.
Compressing image has nothing to do with image content canvas width & height size.
Its the file byte size in kb or mb or gb.
According to the drop down on the program you specified, the image will be resized down.


You can test this by compressing down to e-mail message 160x160, then opening that image up on your computer and comparing the "compressed" image to the original, and see if the compressed image has the original resolution, or is it pixelated.

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