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Seek free simple easy photo fix to replace Microsoft Office 2010 photo manager

We just want to do it in our cell phone. Quick fix to pics then post reply on chats. No giga zillion pixel iphone pics. Simple few kb suffice.
Is there a configuration for the phone camera to limit the image/file size?
Irfanview is free and very capable, does batch editing if you wanted to downsize whole groups. Renames new versions and leaves the originals untouched.

I use it often for quick edits, websize and for emails. And for those who already have Irfanview, F12 opens Paint, which is built into the software. Small editor, but useful for adding or minor editing. Irfanview has many automated features like color correction. Easy crop and save as...

Get the program and get the plugins. Windows
Major fault is E-mail. Everybody in cell phone use chat or WhatsApp ... Not E-mail.
IrfanView download? Nobody want to download to their cell phones. Don't understand why not online free use. Worldwide daily usage. Popular daily ad revenue stream. Do not understand business model?

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