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Aug 22, 2008
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Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Couldn't find a more suitable location for the topic.

I was browsing the forum earlier and I was thinking that it seems there's a gap in the forums here.

The beginners gallery is a great place for people new to photography to get some feedback, develop their skills and find answers to questions they might otherwise have difficulty asking. Then, there's a beyond the basics section which is great for more advanced shooters to discuss the stuff that would generally go over the beginner's head.

Then, there's a section for professionals to showcase their work.

But what about the advanced shooter who wants to continue to refine their skills and vision with feedback and artistic critique from other advanced shooters. For example, I usually don't need to be corrected on composition or exposure. Not because the composition and exposure is necessarily "correct", but because if isn't correct, it wasn't an accident. However, the more abstract side, the less technical side of the art (what does it mean, how is it said, could it be said better, etc etc etc) often goes without any kind of critique or feedback.

I was thinking that another forum would make sense. Something like the beginners forum in that images can be shared and critiqued, but aimed at the advanced shooter, perhaps at more advanced critique. Something to help develop more than just the skills in hand, but in the head and heart also.

I'm sure there could be a lot more to it also. Those are just the things that happen to be the most relevant to me. But maybe there's other advanced shooters with a similar feeling, you could add your input too.

Just an idea. So, what do you think?
Firstly, there is the Feedback and Suggestion forum

Secondly, the forum you want addressed has been nixed. There used to be a forum more inclined to your suggestion. The constant bickering caused that forum to be shut down. Apparently the "new" owners don't have the gumption to reinstate such a needed middle ground after many pleas, even before the transfer of power. Even the Professional forum has seen its demise.

All I can suggest it to PM a Mod that is on-line and have them move this thread to Feedback and Suggestions. Go and do something for a long while and then bump the thread when no response has been given.
bpetruzzo (I think I got that right its late) from what I know there was crits section setup on the site a time ago (before my time) however apparently the actions (of I suspect a few) lead to the closure of that section. I won't guess at the actions though I suspect some were not overly nice in giving comments and that others were not that receptive to being told that they were not as good as they thought they were.

At this point in time your best bet is either a thread in beyond the basics or a thread in the discussions section around an example photo. Certainly there are some members here capable of such a level of understanding, but very many have (sadly) been burned away from commenting as such (re those not liking what they get).
I do agree that improving ones thinking about photography does help and that its something that you don't always start out thinking about and takes time to realise.
Perhaps you could interest the powers that be in instituting a 'Composition Discussion' section. I for one would be pleased to add my voice.
It stinks that it didn't work out before. I'll PM a mod to move the thread to the other forum.

It's a real shame, the impersonal nature of the internet emboldens people to throw common courtesy and general friendliness out the window.

In this situation it especially sucks because art is only half in technical ability. It does take more maturity to give and receive criticism on the other half. But it's so important to real growth and development in the craft. I guess there's always going to be a few that ruin it for the rest who would otherwise benefit.

But what if there were a way to try and weed out the folks who weren't mature enough to participate. Maybe a minimum number of posts or maybe like a community nomination or something like that? I dunno. *sigh*
Uhm... I'm finding it more challenging than I expected to PM an admin. Excuse my ignorance, but perhaps someone can tell me how to tell who is an admin. :)
I have find the few times when I used to ask for critique in the Gallery Forums themselves I often get very usable responses. It's just a matter of asking for critique rather than posting "Thanks for looking".
Uhm... I'm finding it more challenging than I expected to PM an admin. Excuse my ignorance, but perhaps someone can tell me how to tell who is an admin. :)
Usually, if a Mod is on-line, their name is green if you go to the default "forum" page, which shows all the available forums. It doesn't seem to be any Mods on atm, but a few names to run past you are... Big Mike, Arch, Lafoto------ no scratch that, terri, karissa, ..... I lost my toss, but there is a few anyway.
I don't mind the idea of a more advanced section, but the idea will need some thought and refining.

We have tried, on several occasions, to have some sort of 'critique' section. For the most part, they never really worked out well. I won't go into much detail but one problem was that an under-moderated critique forum would be filled with useless comments like "Great shot" and "I love it". You can get that in the gallery section and it doesn't really offer any helpful critique. We tried and tried to discourage and limit those type of comment in the critique section but it was like trying to hold back the tides. We also tried to set rules for those posting images for critique...only one photo, must provide some info or insight etc....that didn't work either.

So then we tried a heavily moderated critique section...where posts deemed useless (or not properly set up for critique) were edited or just removed. People didn't like that it was scrapped.

There might someday be a reincarnation...but someone will have to come up with an idea that works.

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