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Jan 26, 2006
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I find the selective coloring photos I have seen to be really cool. I have absolutely no idea how these are done though. Can anyone give me some basic instructions? I have Photoshop 7, but really only know how to use it for the most basic things.

play with the different selection tools to select the portion of the photo that you want to be B&W and then remove the color just from that part.

I am just learning too, but that's the way I do it.
bigfatbadger said:
Without wanting to promote other photography forums: -
This article looks exactly like what I am looking for, but at one point it says
you need to transform this layer in B&W. To do so, follow the "transforming pictures in B&W channel mixer" article by Pierre Daniel posted on Phototakers, and then come back here for the next step.
I looked for that article, but either I was not looking in the right place or it just doesn't exist anymore. Anyone know how I can do this step?

yes you can convert the layer to b+w by going to 'layer'... 'new adjustment layer'.... 'channel mixer'. Then check the box to make it mono and alter the sliders for the correct balence. You can then either keep this adjustment layer on that layer only..... or an easier way is once your happy with the tone you've achieved, merge the to layers together by linking them.... clicking on the small arrow in the corner of the layers pallet and choose 'merge linked'. Now you have one b+w layer and one colour layer. Then simply follow the steps to create the layer mask etc... and your almost there ;)

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