Self Portrait: Me and My House


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Oct 4, 2011
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The Beautiful Hills of East Tennessee
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I bought an electric bubble machine and was just out playing with it one day and tried a couple of different things.

I kinda liked them, so if you don't...well, don't burst my bubble! :lmao:

1. Me and My House, Under The Dome:

2. No self-reflection in this one, I just liked it.
Sharon, these are cool. Nice job.
Very neat idea, good job
These are great! Very inventive.
Awsome! Second one looks kind of like a snow globe. They almost look like they have been computer enhanced/generated but the fact that we know that they are pure photos make them even more of a success if that makes any sense?
Really great, well done, nice thinking outside the box
Excellent, love them.
Thanks, all--they were fun and while I enjoy my birds, I also really enjoyed playing with something more creative for awhile. I really need to "schedule" some creative photo time a few times a month.

I like #2 the most.

#2 is definitely my favorite as well in terms of the overall photo. I just liked the self-portrait aspect of the first one.
Neat Sharon! I'm gathering ideas to play with over the winter and this made the list ;)

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