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Apr 21, 2007
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I did not shave today...​
Awesome shot. I would, however suggest a polarizing filter. The glare on the glasses is distracting.
I like the glare on the glasses. But thats my personal preference.

I really like this shot
I didn't think about the polarizer filter before, but I think I like the glare, it gives it a different feeling and it doesn't reveal the eyes... I had a very hard time getting the right focus, since I took it myself and had to focus manually
You guys might be right about the glare, though when viewing portraits, I generally look to the eyes first. In this case I can't. I personally thought it was distracting, but hey, what do I know?
The glare from the glasses is distracting from an otherwise very nice self portrait. The nose and right cheek is also overexposed (soft), showing less definition and features.
ok, next time I'll try to avoid the glare haha, thanks for commenting
i like the glare, to me it adds to the picture because it makes it a bit more "mysterious" seeing as not only can you not see the eyes but the reflection is even a little hard to see. thats just me though
not a bad one! :)

and I am with those who like the glare! :)
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the reflection in the glasses! It shows his hand and the keyboard of a computer, which says a lot about him, in my opinion. Don't dismiss it too soon... ;)
good portrait , but i think it looks like theres 2 much retuching on the face skin =\
^^ awesome!! someone saw my hand and my laptop in the reflection, I thought no one would notice. And yes, it does says a lot about me.

2 much retouching on the face skin?... hmmm... I only used a little bit of the burn tool for the nose and right "cheek". Nothing else (other than levels and curves in the whole image). In some part (forehead) it looks like blurred because of the depth of field

Thanks a lot 4 the comments
This picture is extremely well shot. I like the expression and the angle of the shot.

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