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Self Portraits (mild image dump)


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Aug 7, 2003
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Here are some self-portraits of me. They're fairly recent. All done from between Last October and last February.

I sort of want others to join in and add theirs here because I'm curious to see the creativity everyone has towards them selves.

I know mine aren't great, it's not like we all have makeup and costumes to make it all wild, interesting, different, blah, blah etc..

I'm not looking for any feedback btw :D But any is welcome.





Bumped it for me..? Ehh?? Lingo I no understand yes?

And thank you. I actually just saw it a a moment ago. I slapped my forhead for it. I just didn't see any in this forum section so I thought I would start this little tred/fad of self portraits.

I may as well delete this thread...but we'll see.

Thank you again.
To bump is to make a small, insignificant post at the bottom of a thread which has fallen to the bottom of a forum. The new post "bumps" the thread to the top of the forum (which is sorted by date).

There ain't nothinnnnn wrooonnnggg... with a little bump... n grind, but we're not talking about grinding here, are we? Nope...

Yeah, me too, cman. Well at least I just got back from shooting a roll of film. But the darkroom isn't open long enough to go and develop tonight. So now I must wile away the rest of the night alone, since the bf is grumpy and didn't want to do anything... sigh... oh well, I've got my taco bell nachos and the photo forum, what else does a girl need?! :p

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