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Dec 26, 2007
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Sorry I really have no idea where else to make this post. I contacted a website (Endangered Species) the other day that is essentially an international database for endangered species for every single country informing them that I had two pictures of endangered salamanders from a trip to Honduras that they were welcome to use for the website, which they gladly accepted. Here is the catch, they sent me a follow-up email saying they would really like to compensate me monetarily for them and asked how much I would want for each photo. I have never sold any photos or received money any kind of money so I really have no idea how much I should say. Not that it makes too much of a difference but here are the links to both of the photos on the website.

Earth's Endangered Creatures - Conant's Salamander Facts
Earth's Endangered Creatures - El Cusuco Salamander Facts

Please help me in deciding what is fair compensation for these photos.

that's very honest of them.

I wouldn't know how much to ask for though.... Maybe tell them you would be open to an offer, or ask them how much they usually give their contributors?
I would say get them to make the first offer - they might offer you far more than you think - and if its a common policy for them I am sure they will have an idea of a fair price. Then you can back that offer price up with research yourself - see what the going rates are from other people and sources and see if your getting offered a good deal or not - then you can try haggling for a higher price if you desire

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