Shooting in a fog C&C please!


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Dec 31, 2008
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Albert Lea, MN
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Had a crazy fog last night. Haven't shot much at night so here's a couple firsts for me. Would love C&C

#1 - Shutter 1/5, f3.5, ISO 800

#2 - Shutter 3/10, f3.5, ISO 1600

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Hi Kyle,
fog can be an important tool, for creating amazingly images.
You tried it and got not the result that you expected, right?

Use a stand for your camera to have the shadows sharp against the foggy lights and the results will be much better.
Here i can see some movement while the cameras shutter is working.
1/5 or 3/10 is to long, to get good results out of your hands.

Thats my comment, best wishes for your next experience with fog. ;)

greetings peter
the fisrt one looks like it was shot through a window or a filter was used---just something about it looks off....its a good pictures tho!

The second one is to dark.

As peter said, thoses speeds are to slow for hand held shooting, and the ISO is to high to get the detail im sure you want in the pictures.

I recomend you get a tripod, lower the ISO to the lowest itll go, and go from there.
Also---dont forget a remote, mechanical release or to use the self timer to reduce shake from pushing the button.
Definately good images! The only thing is that god awful color cast by the lights. Easily correctable by going into photoshop and using the color balance to adjust the colors.

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