Shooting in SNow?


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May 31, 2007
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A friend of mine wants to get her engagement pics done in the snow...when its snowing!....should i cover my camera with anything? I have a lens hood to cover the lens but should I worry about the LCD screen on the top of my camera?

Another question...the same friend of mine wants me to shoot her wedding...well, the reception at any rate (bc they are not having a "wedding"). She doesn't want posed pictures (but I'll def. get a few!) she wants more candid shots. I don't have anything for my camera except a lens for it. Does anyone recommend me getting ne thing else? Ne tips or tricks for me?

THanks so much!

I was trying to get a few shots when it was snowing last weekend. It was my first time taking pics when it was snowing and I soon realized that I had seriously underestimated how cold it was, how difficult it was to work the camera buttons in the cold with the gloves on (mine were thin but not the ultra thin ones).

But the most frustrating thing was that it was windy and snow was flying in all directions and landing on my lens. I had the lens hood on but it did no good. I guess it would have helped if I had had a protective filter. I also had a plastic grocery bag (bottom cut out) secured to cover my camera and lens to keep out any rain/snow from the body.

Anyway, I gave up after a couple of minutes and ran back into the apartment.

If this is your first shoot in snow - The one tip that I found most useful for snow is adjusting the Exposure compensation to +1 (to avoid snow turnig gray).

good luck.
probably a good idea to shoot manual. But you would meter off the person's face probably, then shoot like normal.

If you can shoot from under something that'd help.
umbrella, covered area, roof...etc.

If careful of snow flying into your hood...cover your camera with something if you can. Get some thing latex style or something.
Metre of the snow, shoot in raw, compress the highlights in post. Something will give, either the snow will wash out, or the dark suit is blacken.

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