Shooting into the sun - both of 'em


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Dec 25, 2009
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NE Ohio
This is my first attempt at shooting into the sun. If you like it and want to say so, please do. If you have any ideas for improvement or constructive criticism, that is also more than welcome.

Thanks, Ralph

The photo, although a good idea, is just a little to dark. The sunlight would be nice if it were brought up and the flower needs some life in it as well.
Brought up the exposure and added a little fill light. Added a yellow mask over the flower and boosted the clarity.

I like the edit. It seems when I go this far from the original I get lots of "editing artifact".

Thanks, Ralph
Even better, is to minimize the need for post processing by learning how to do photography, and getting the shot mostly right when you release the shutter.

Any time you have a backlit subject you will need fill light of some type. You can use a reflector, or fill flash(s) (strobed light). Often fill flash is the only option because there is not enough light to reflect.

When you do use supplimental light, be it reflected or strobed, it is usually best if the light is not on the same axis as the lens, like directly from a popup, built-in flash or even from a hot showe mounted speedlight.

Photography is about using light. The more effective you are at using light, the better your photographs will look.

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