Shooting Outside = Winter + Night


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Dec 19, 2007
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What precautions should I take..

It's 1 am, I'm bored, and I want to go shoot outside..

it's about -7...Probably going down to -15

Is it a big thing if there is a few snowflakes on my camera?

Should I do the ziplock bag trick before going in?

Keep a spare battery in your pocket, the cold will kill batteries faster than normal.

I don't think a few snowflakes will matter much. I personally don't do the ziplock bag thing, but it might help. Your regular camera bag will probably work just as good.
Don't have an extra battery :(
Try to keep your camera inside your coat when not shooting, that should help with battery life (maybe) - but... It might give you condensation problems (?), not really sure.
Well it's ok..Usually the battery has a really good life so In the cold even if it lasts 30 minutes I'll be good.

Don't wanna spend the whole night outside anyway.
I did this the other night. Bring your camera bag with you. Don't bring too many lenses though.

That way your camera bag will be cold too, and it can buffer the camera from warming up too quickly.
Aight....Let's go have some fun then :)

I'll be back later..Unless I get hit by a car or something haha.
Northern Lights ?

What are those?
Well, its good to see other people up this late.

What will you bee shooting this late?

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