Shooting product photos, getting digital noise


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Apr 2, 2009
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I'm a graphic designer and I'm shooting some of my print pieces for my portfolio. I'm using a Casio EX-510 which I've had fantastic results with, but apparently not today!

I'm shooting using Auto mode, no flash, on a tripod, with tons of natural light coming in from multiple windows. But even with all the great light in the room, my exposures come out grainy and rezzy, with lots of what I call "digital noise." Check out this detail at 100%:

Any suggestions on how to correct this? Any feedback greatly appreciated!
shoot in manual and use a lower iso and then just adjust your shutter speed til it looks how you want it. If your using a tripod a longer shutter shouldnt be a problem.
The first thing that causes digital noise is high ISO. I'm guessing that you camera might set the ISO automatically...but being on a tripod, it's unnecessary to use a higher ISO. So if you can, manually set the lowest ISO possible. That should help.

Secondly, underexposure will cause noise, especially when you adjust the brightness with software. So try adjusting the exposure so that you don't have to make the image brighter.
Awesome advice from you both- thank you! I set the ISO to 50 and bye bye grain. Check it out:

After I do some Photoshop levels, sharpening and a little dodge'n'burn I think this will totally meet my needs.
Use a lower ISO.......

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