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Feb 28, 2010
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So I have an Olympus E-410 and a 70-300 mm f/5.6 lens. I love shooting sports and really want to get into it more. I can get descent results with what I have now but I want to take the next step up. So my question is, should i stick with Olympus and buy a nicer lens now then upgrade my body later, or switch over to nikon and canon? I know I can get better results right now if I just buy a new lens and keep my body. But I am thinking more long run. I might seriously get into shooting sports, I am trying to get some small jobs for the school news paper and such. So what do you guys think. Also what would be better for shooting sports, Nikon or Canon? Thanks for the help guys.
Since you are thinking about the future and getting serious about sport photography, I recommend switching system. Both Nikon or Canon will offer the latest and greatest. You have to decided how much money you want to invest into your new system. Getting top notch equipment will put you at anywhere from $5k-$10k+ for body and lens. Of course, you can always go with prosumer class body and still get great images, but at the direction you're heading, you'll need tough pro built body for the use and abuse.
Yeah, if you know this is something you want to do I wouldn't invest money into lenses for a system you plan on selling/trading.

Depending on how much you want to spend, the D300s and 7D are good starting points. Of course you can step up to the D700 well or, if you're really wanting to spend some money the D3s or 1D4.

You're probably good at the D300s/7D stage. :)

But the AF systems in these two bodies are definitely targeted towards action shooters.
I think the cheapest rout is a good used D700 with a 80-200 AFD. That combo is about $2500-3K depending on the condition. Add a battery pack to the D700, and you'll get plenty of juice for a full day of shooting and 8FPS!
Your budget will really determine what you end up with.
So this is my thinking. I should switch over to Nikon or Canon now. I am wanting a body that is good for shooting sports but not like top notch or anything. I will just be shooting high school sports and maybe trying to get some kind of a job for a newspaper. What do you guys think I should get. A d3000s or 7d? I don't want a serious body right now. I just want a good one. I mostly want to switch over now so I can start building up some nice glasses right now. What body could I get used for around 600 to 1000?
None, if you'll be shooting at night or inside. In that price range, none of the used cameras have enough ISO performance, even if your using fast glass.

A decent used Nikon D300 will often go for about $900 and it has the autofocus performance and frames-per-second performance you'd need for sports.

For ISO performance you really need a full frame camera like the Nikon D700 (about $2000 used).

Not only do you need lenses that can open to a wide aperture to let in light (a fast lens), you also need reach (magnification), particularly for field sports. The combination of fast and reach costs $$$. Used Nikon 300 mm f/2.8 D's are going for about $2800
A used D300 is going to be your best bet for your price range. Like KMH said used D300 ~$900 and you will definitely need a fast telephoto. Used 80-200 AFD ~$800. This lens is great for many reason. It's f/2.8, reasonable price, great IQ, Pro built, good reach(for DX) and also FF ready.
Well I was asking more if that is a good body and lens to go with?
The D300 is still a little short on ISO performance for night and indoor sports, period. I have 4 of them, and 2 of the 80-200 mm f/2.8 zooms, and we only shoot daytime field sports.
So should I get a d300 or d300s? I don't know the difference also what price should I be looking for a used d300 or d300s and a 80-200 2.8 lens?
Well I was asking more if that is a good body and lens to go with?

OHH... yea, that's a GREAT combination. The 70-200 is newer than the 80-200. It's better (about same IQ, focuses faster, has VR) but cost more too. Up to you on how much you want to spend.
So should I get a d300 or d300s? I don't know the difference also what price should I be looking for a used d300 or d300s and a 80-200 2.8 lens?
Internet search engines, and forum seach engines are good tools for quickly locating information, like the diffences between a D300 and a D300s.

....A decent used Nikon D300 will often go for about $900....

Used 80-200 AFD ~$800.

The D300s has only slightly better siginificantly ISO performance than a D300. Nikon added video, a second memory card slot, and the slightly improved ISO to the D300s.

You can check used prices the same way everyone else does, at B&H's and Adorama's used deptartments,,, and online forums.

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