Shooting subject in the shade with very bright background

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    Sep 22, 2009
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    New in digital. I have been having so much trouble when I moved to digital point and shoot in this situation.

    With the older manual camera, I could take the readings from both the background and subject and kind of using the aperture in between to compensate, and then focus the subject. Now with this point and shoot in this situation, I either come out with balanced light of both, but subject out of focus, or subject properly focused and background all washed out. "Filled flash" doesn't seem to help much, too.

    Is it something common with this kind simple point and shoot, or anyway to get around with that. This kind of camera can only do the focus and aperture at once with the "half press" of the shutter, right? Which means when it's half-pressed, it will take the reading of that spot, and then we do the composition? So back to the situation, half-pressing the background and moving back to the subject and shoot with a flash will not work cos' the subject will not be focused, right? So confusing.

    Thanks for helping!!


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