Shooting this building tomorrow (I hope), what are your suggestions?

Austin Greene

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Jan 6, 2012
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Mountain View, California
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Hello again everyone!

So I've been eyeing this building for the past two weeks, and I really think it could make a great photo with the right conditions and processing thanks to that beautiful glass facade. I plan on giving it a go tomorrow morning so the sun is reflecting off the glass, and I thought I would ask you all for any suggestions you might have, or any composition ideas that you think would suite the building well. I've got a couple things in mind, but I'm up for any suggestions! I have thought about how it would look in HDR, but I have zero experience there, so I might wait on it for another day.

Tell me what your thinking!


P.S: I just swung by on my bike and took a cellphone photo, in case you were wondering why its so crappy ;)

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