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Oct 11, 2007
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Hope this is the right place to post. Does anyone know an average shop time for lens being repaired with ritz camera? They quoted me 6-8 weeks, but said it's usually only a month. It's just my 17-135, but I'm frustrated as I have the wife's 18-55 kit lens and my 70-300 VR and my lens has been in the shop almost a month, all they can tell me is it is at there main shop no other details.
12 weeks

Ive gotten two replacement cameras from them after breaking two point and shoots. It always takes them FOREVER.
12 weeks? you should have sent it to Nikon yourself, take out the middleman.
Don't immediately put blame on Ritz.... a lot of times it is the manufacturer that is slow. For example... If something gets sent to Leica repair in New Jersey, USA, you are looking at 4 to 6 weeks. If something gets sent off to Leica in Solms, Germany for repairs, you'd be lucky to see it back in 4 months. There is nothing the local camera shop can do about the long wait.


I've had my local high end camera shop (who knows me very well) give me loaners without any question (depending on what they have available). It wouldn't hurt to ask.
I'm not blaming or complaining, not frustrated with them, I'm the DA who broke the lens by leaving my backback unziped and running around and jumping, I'm lucky to get it repaired at all. It's just frustrating waiting thats all.
Be prepared if they told you 6-8 as I used to tell people when I worked there the mean 6-8. If you get it back sooner be happy but do not be surprised if it takes that long. You have to remember Ritz is a national chain and really have alot of stores sending gear to limited repair facilities. I do agree though unless you have a Ritz warranty you should have sent it directly to Nikon.
I have a ritz waranty, I'm confused on the nikon waranty I thought it was only for factory defects and minor stuff, not dropping a lens and breaking it's internal pieces lol. Could someon educate me on what the Nikon one is for if I am wrong?

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