Shopping for 60D, is it here yet?


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Sep 16, 2010
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I am fairly interested in getting the Canon 60D. One review looks like that the body is smaller than the 550D.

Did some researches, but all the online shops are saying Coming soon or Unavailable. Anyone knows if any shop has it yet?
I see, I guess the reviewer has a big

Do you know where I can get it already?
I don't think it will be in stores for another few weeks, I think I read that it would be a month from when it was released, which was a few weeks ago.

There is sometimes a rush for new bodies, which makes them hard to get unless you are on a waiting list.
I pre-ordered my T2i on It shipped the day it was released and I had it 2 days after. Not bad. Don't hesitate to preorder from them... but maybe wait til there is a scheduled shipping date.
What I'm waiting for is the 1.4x III extender... but I get we just need to be patient!
It looks like Teds and Digitalrev have it in stock. :razz:
I need to get a new DSLR, and not enough budget to go for the 7D, so I think 60D is the best choice for now and it's new.

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