Shoreline Park; Santa Barbara, CA


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Apr 15, 2006
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Santa Barbara, CA
Turns out, I slept threw my alarm today and ended up missing class :( But, I salvaged the day by going to a park we have here up on a hill over the ocean. I got a few shots. These are a couple of my favorites.

Thanks for taking a look.

The first 4 are of a little guy that just stole my heart. These little critters were running around everwhere on the cliffside, but none (save him) stuck around long enough for a shot. He, however, was quite a little ham.

1 My favorite shot from the day...

2 "Ohh yeah... Right there..."

3 "That's better..."


5 The View

6 Bird of Paradise (I'm not sure I like how it fits in the frame, but there's plenty of them around here, and I can re-shoot it sometime).
What a cute little squirrel! #5 is neat, but would be better if you straightened it out (at least for me!). #6 is a really cool shot, too, but I think I'd like to see more of it.
Thanks. For #5, that's the way it actually curves when you're standing in front of it. I agree it would be better if it were straightened out, but I do not have the software to do it. I have some of #6 that are farther out, but it looked odd, so I choose to post that one.

I take far too many pictures in general, then have a hard time selecting the best from the group.
Like the squirrel Pic's, Agree with WNK on #5 would be nice if it was straightened out, nice pic although! Love the colors in #6! :)
i love all the pictures you posted here..

nuber 5 is best for me..
I use to "sleep" through class and go take photographs too... ;) sometimes i miss college...

nice series... :thumbup:
Thanks everyone :)

I think I've taken better landscapes than 5 before. I have a hard time with them, I think because I much rather prefer animals or people as subjects. They also look horrible (such as #5 IMO) when they're resized and the blocks of blue get stuck together. But oh well ;) Lol.

I'm going to be getting a new computer soon, thank goodness. I'm on my roommates right now and the colors are DURASTICALLY different on her monitor than when I edit them on my laptop... I'm not sure which is the "correct" version -- but I'm anxious to be able to set up an ACTUAL work station and keep things consistant ;) Sorry in the mean time if the colors are ... harsh?

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