Shot from passenger seat.


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Jun 1, 2013
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Orange County, NY
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While my work partner was driving, I took this shot out his window of a gentleman sitting curbside at a laundry mat in Brooklyn, N.Y. I haven't taken may shots like this. :eyebrows:
interesting.. I think the vignette detracts from the Image
Yes, very interesting, and I agree that the vignette is not a worthwhile element.

What all have you done in post?
Very nice! The vignette does distract and detract, but without it the bottom of the frame is going to be awfully bright and I think the picture's going to be damaged. Possibly just burn the bottom of the frame down pretty good. You could probably crop the bottom a bit as well, to reduce the giant bright mass.
Here is the original. I didn't edit it. A friend did so I can't speak to what they did.


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I think the man distracts from the vignette.
The original color palette is much nicer. A bit of this, a bit of that, this is how I see it:

Yes, amolitor brought up the shadows inside the building, but I kinda liked the garish supersaturation in the OP.
As a composition it's mostly about the juxtaposition of the two seated figures, so I wanted to bring the other one out more.

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