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Sep 6, 2010
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My Canon 50D just came in the day before yesterday! I got a battery grip and a Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5 lens. I haven't had much of a chance to play with it, but I got out and shot a bit yesterday.







I'm pretty happy with the investment. It's a huge step up from my T1i. I plan to sell the T1i and use the money to buy a better lens.
The sky is blown out in #5. As a fellow 50D owner, I can tell you this is something that you need to watch out for. It's better to err on the side of underexposing with this camera and fix in post if you need to.

Also, make sure you have Dynamic Lighting Optimizer (DLO) turned off. It's somewhere in the menu, can't remember where off the top of my head. Definitely made a difference for me, I have less blown-out skies since turning it off.
I have a t1i and I've used 50D for a while thanks to one of my friends. What makes you say "its a huge step up" ?
I don't care much for most of these. Just boring really, however, I REALLY like #4 with the angle smoke stack. Normally I would hate angled stuff like that, but I think it works here. #2 is not too bad either, nice to see a different angle on the car stuff.
I have a t1i and I've used 50D for a while thanks to one of my friends. What makes you say "its a huge step up" ?

I agree.. Unless you are taking lots of frames per sec. But I do like 50D better dont get me wrong (the controls and the body).
its not really a big step from t1i lol

Not huge step up, but a big step up....
The 50D has better tracking, better view finder, faster shutter speeds, white balance can be set in kelvin, 3 RAW sizes to shoot with, all the AF points are cross type (T1i, just the center one is), faster shutter speeds (1/4000 on the T1i and 1/8000 on the 50D), and from my short lived experience with the 50D, the noise levels are not as bad as the T1i in higher ISO's or long exposures. Plus more flexible ISO settings. 50D has a PC sync port the T1i does not which makes it nicer if you ever want to get into studio shoots.

The T1i makes a good backup to the 50D, but the 50D is a much better camera.
I personally love #2. It may be a bit underexposed but being that the car is yellow it helps with this.

Gotta get low on those VW pictures..those cars need to be low so get that low point of view! Maybe try to change up the angle instead of just straight like that. I personally love cars at like a 45 degree angle from the wall with the wheels turned in the same direction as the angle..if that makes sense. If not I can post one to show what I mean.

I'm a big fan of car pictures..not enough around here! They are good at posing for the photographer :)

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