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Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by gizmo2071, Aug 10, 2007.

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    This shots was taken at a local nature reserve, many other shots in my gallery were taken around this reserve, so I know it very well.
    Usually at this time of the year the water is glistening and the whole place look wonderful on a summers walk.
    I was there only a couple of weeks a go and the above description fitted it fine, and yet I went yesterday to find the water covered in this.
    It appears to be algae(*sp), but it has grown at an incredible rate and you cannot see any of the waters surface in some areas.
    this is normally a scene that is witnessed during autumn, just before it gets to winter... well it is at this particular lake.
    So whats happened differently this year?
    Is this turely a consiquence of global warming?
    Is the crazy weather we have been having here in the UK to blame? (record rainfall followed by intense heat)
    I don't know, but I find it quite worrying.

    and another thing...

    It was only this lake that was covered, there are 3 other lakes dotted around the reserve and they are crystal clear.

    I'm pretty sure the bird seen here is a baby Coot.

    Report from the scene,

    *sorry about the softness to the shot, it was shot at 1/60th second at 600mm (200mm + 3x converter) partcially handheld resting on a fence.​

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    Wow, it must have the the heat and rain that was the cause of all that algae; or either some chemical imbalance in the lake.

    Interesting shot to say the least...

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