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Aug 11, 2010
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I am a newby and of course my first post is probably another stupid question...I'm contracting out some video seo work and I was planning on making short informational videos to post online..I will make the videos and the contractor will post them, etc for me. He tells me that some video cameras..typically the card memory types..compress the images for storage and that when they are uploaded to youtune,etc the quality is compromised. I really don't know squat so I'm asking...what video camera should I buy that will do this sort of thing "well" but still be reasonably priced?
Well this is a photography forum and not really a videography forum but if you guys plan on putting it up on youtube I wouldn't buy a highend one. I would look at best buy I'm sure one of their sales people will be able to help as much as you want.
Perhaps you are asking this on a photography forum because of the newer DSLRs with HD Video capabilities?

Youtube is not known for high quality video - rather, quick video everyone can access quickly. However, you certainly can upload HD video and the playback - when the user has a good connection - can certainly be smooth. I upload HD because I am interested in folks seeing my photographs, which look terrible in youtube videos otherwise.

BTW, I use a Canon 7d (which is, of course, a 'card type' camera).

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