Silver & Black Double Layer Reflective Umbrella

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Nov 4, 2009
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Looks like a daily use umbrella? In fact, it is a photography reflective umbrella. Reflective umbrella is a kind of special reflective tool, and has a different color. Silver and white umbrella, do not change the flash light color temperature. In flash photography, the most commonly used reflective umbrella are mostly white or silver. Use the umbrella placed in a variable-angle camera on the head. Umbrella with bright light exposure, the scattering of the light is very soft, pale shadow also is an ideal light source. When shooting portraits feature, is not affected by the stimulation of strong light, the most suitable for portrait and still life.

The silver & black double layer reflective umbrella is lightweight, easy to assemble. More Softboxes & Umbrellas visit on linkdelight.
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This reflective umbrella is widely used in photography studio fill light! So useful tool it is for photographers!

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