Silver cascades


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May 4, 2013
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$DSC_1175.jpgJust a recent photo I took at the Silver Cascades in the White Mountains, NH. It just feels somewhat incomplete or lacking some “oomph” and leaves me wanting more. what do you all think? How could I improve it?
I can see why the location would intrigue you, but I can also see what you mean about wanting more from the picture. It seems that nothing is really in focus, so the texture is lacking. Also, the light is pretty much direct light from straight overhead, which is not always necessarily bad but it is fairly uninteresting. The waterfall is dead-center in the composition, which is not the most dynamic composition. That little semi-circle of sky is not really enough to add much to the image- either more sky or no sky would probably work better. And last, for an image like this one, a longer exposure would soften the water and show the movement better. A very fast exposure could also work well if your goal is to capture sharp water droplets, but that clearly isn't happening here either.

I think this location has potential. If you can revisit it and try to go at a time when the light is better. Try getting lower down as close to the surface of the water as possible without risking your camera getting wet and put the falls off to one side of the image using the rule of thirds or the golden mean.

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