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Aug 21, 2010
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Santa Barbara, CA
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I know its not a very interesting shot, but what I'm working on demanded for a simple shoulders up shot. Any thoughts?


Nothing special. Technically it's ok, though maybe a portrait crop would've been better than a landscape/square crop.
Background, background, background!!! The face seems just a tad soft but the background is just plain ugly and agree that a portrait orientation might be better.
yeah agree withe the orientation, don't let Derrel see. :lol:
and it does look a bit soft, and being centered in the frame is a bit.... plain.
Yea, I was actually constrained to head on and landscape orientaton :( ah well. As for the face being soft, its actually the resolution drop (at least i think so. On the full size version, pores are easily recognizable on the face, but drops OOF towards the ears. Oh the joys of a 50mm 1.4 :p )

Biggest question for me is the background. Why is it so ugly? what could i have done to make it better? I have no sentimental attachment to this picture so i'm not offended by blunt statements like that.;)

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