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Jun 2, 2013
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Hello all, here are a few pics of my friend Sionainn i took today. i am still a newb bit i think they came out nice. May i have some C&C to consider for next time please.



C&C per req:

1. I think you could go a bit tighter on the crop; the large, out of focus tree-trunk image right and open background don't add a lot. Exposure and focus look good, 'though a little more smile wouldn't hurt.

2. This would have been a nice shot but for the gaussian blut which I assume is a misguided attempt at skin smoothing. If you want a quick & easy way to deal with skin, look at programs like Portrait Professional; they're cheap, easy, and do an okay job. I'm sorry, but this just looks BAD! I would also try and clean up the green cast in her hair image left.

3. I think this one would have worked a lot beter if you'd moved around a little more so that we could see both faces, and if you'd moved them slightly to a better background; that section of fence doesn't really add much ,and it looks like the area just to the right is nice, even green leaves.

Overall, not a bad set at all; a few issues which could be improved on though. Keep shooting.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

2's softening is pretty heavy and inconsistent. You should post the original.

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Thanks for the C&C guys

tirediron - Im investigating Portrait Professional right now seems like a pretty slick program, hopefully it will help me out. I do have a few more variations of number 3 i just though them looking at each other was kinda cute so i shared that one. How would i go about removing the green cast?

Dinardy - That photo was under exposed a fair bit but here is the original

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