Slave to the Wage


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May 22, 2006
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Inspired by Placebo's song "Slave to the Wage". Any suggestions as to how i could make it look more "dark" in photoshop?
Alright well here's how my edit turned out. I'm pretty happy with it. oh, and i didn't mean "literally" dark ha.

LOve the way you see things Justin. Another cool creation.
thanks alot man. i'm still fairly new and learning, so did i do anything wrong or is there anything i can do differently?
Interesting idea and nicely done. In my opinion though your photoshop goes a bit too far and obscures the actual idea, might just be my monitor but I cant really make out the dollar at all anymore so the concept itself is lost.
Oh, LensBaby, that is your monitor then... I can still everything on that dollar bill here. Cool concept, JEazy!!!

Oh. LensBaby: welcome to ThePhotoForum! :D
Thanks Lafoto,

and the PS is a lot clearer now the suns not shining on my screen. I should probably invest in a blind.
I like the concept....... but i prefer the first version, the second IS too murky IMO..... it looks ok on screen but i think in print it wouldn't be clear enough..... so i'd go with the first..... and in the general gallery,.....where it would also get more views.
you seem overly creative, must have alot of time on your hands!

keep it up.

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