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Oct 22, 2011
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Incirlik Air Base, Adana Turkey (thank you Air For
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Does anyone have experience with this tripod? I will be using my D7000 and 24-70 on it and I want something sturdy that's not going to fall over. I am not willing to spend more than 200 on a tripod. Thanks!
I have the 700DX and enjoy it. It's a beast. You won't have any problems with your rig slipping. I believe it's rated to hold 15lbs. I can mount my D700 w/ 70-200 on it with no worries. I personally think it's one of the best bang for your buck tripods out there without having to take a second mortgage out on your home. It is a tank, which I like. It comes with a carry bag with shoulder strap. As long as you're not going on expeditions with it strapped to your pack, you'll be ok.
I had one of these given to me as a gift. I had major issues with the round camera plate spinning when the head was vertical (portrait mode) with a heavy lens on it. I personally do not recommend this unit for that reason! The legs are nice and sturdy, but that round camera plate really does not hold up.

I ended up selling it to a member here.. that had another head to use on it.
Thanks! I didn't realize that choosing a tri pod would be difficult as well. grrrr......

Not really...

Check out this one....

The Giottos and Manfrottos are both considered excellent tripods... they do have some that would meet your needs at that price. You didn't list any specifications as to what your needs are.. but this one should handle anything you would want to do. Give me more details on what you are going to use a tripod for, and what equipment you have, and maybe I can make a better recommendation.
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