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Nov 29, 2007
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So, I need a bag to store my camera in (once I get it). A friend has a Low Pro Slingshot 200AW bag, which is a back-pack style bag with just one shoulder strap and a waist strap to hold it in place. When he wants to access his goodies inside, he just swishes it around without having to remove the bag, and the zip is right in front of him!


But I'm left handed and the bag felt weird on the other shoulder (I'd want it slinging over my left shoulder).

Does anyone know if these exist?

I've looked at Crumplers (the Customary Barge: http://www.crumplerbags.com/Cart/index.php?prodId=207&catId=22&optId=10311) which talks about a feature that sounds like it, but has anyone got one and can you sling it around easily?

try this..


I have one and ABSOLUTLEY LOVVVVVEEEE it. I was shooting for 7 hours and did not feel that I had a 70-200 2.8 lens and 4 other lens in my bag. AMAZING!
I have a slingshot 300AW and when it *will* give you backpain. My tip would be to buy some other type of model that balances the weight better on
your shoulders...
I love my slingshot 300 - it was all I used in SL ad it was very secure and easy to use.

Not certain on the lefty size of things :S
you must missunderstood.. the OP doesn' t want the slingshot from lowepro.

but. yeh.. I agree.. a neat design but all the weight is still on one shoulder.
My brain is fried from studying.

In response to that... no I dont' know of any. If I was in your position I would send a letter to Lowepro addressing the matter. One letter is goign to throw it into production, but if there is a great enough of a demand ... you never know.
I was looking at Sling style bags, but I am so happy that I took a backpack design. Even with 1 body, 5 lenses a video cam and what ever, it would begin to be painful for me to walk for 10 hours with all of that on one shoulder. With the backpack and that same equipment, its effortless.

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