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Smartphone Apps


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Jun 20, 2008
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Tomorrow I will be getting my first smart phone (iPhone 4), and I was wondering what photography related apps you guys use and/or think are good? I don't really mean the kind that edit pictures or add funny features, but rather for business or convenience, that kind of thing.

One thing I am looking forward to is using either Evernote or Dropbox to have a catalog of poses, lighting setups, etc. that I like and can look up anywhere I happen to be.

What do you find you use the most?
hmmm looks interesting! Damn man phones have come a long way.
Check out Photogene it works awesome.
I would go for the 4s, it has a much higher quality sensor and optics. Just my 2 cents. (maybe I'm a tad bias, though. I work for apple online) lol
Oops defiantly should have read all the way through that before posting. However- I think the intuit card reader and app is better than square. Lower rates+ linking to quickbooks. I've had both and much prefer the intuit reader. Plus it's much more solid. I like cheat sheet apps though- it beats little cards in your camera bag. Oh- off of photography though. Set up cloud if only to set up find my iPhone. You can track the phone if it's lost or stolen (if it's on), remote wipe, lock, send messages to the home screen with your contact info, and even make it ring while on vibrate in case you lose it in your house but can't find it because it's on vibrate. I get calls all day long from people who lose their phones, and never realized it existed.
Thanks all! Banderson, what cheat sheet apps?
Massive dev chart :)

Photosynth comes in handy every once in a while. Flickr, perhaps.
photosynth seems like fun :)

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