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Feb 24, 2009
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I took this a few days back. As of then i was was just using one sb600 off cam. Now i have two more off cam flashes so 3 all together. I would appreciate any type of critique, especially placement of the flashes as if i had all three when i took this. Meaning if i had 3 flashes that day where would you place them? Thanks

My sb600 was just out of the frame to the left facing upward towards the rider

its good but its hard to see him. he blends into the wall. try positioning the flashes to make it useful to get him to pop out
It looks good! I don't think the boarder blends into the wall too much. I don't know much about lighting but if I had three flashes I would put one low to the right, one near to the top of stairs to the left and idk about the third. I would check out if you have not already they are very knowledgeable about this

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