So...Ive captured the universe...again!


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Jul 25, 2008
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So, you may remember This universe photo. Ive done it again. This time, from the inside of the universe, per se. :wink:.

Nikon D300s
Sigma 105mm F/2.8 EX DG Macro
Levels adjustment in CS5


That looks amazing. Well done! I love the first one on the other thread too. So inspirational too.
Thanks everyone! Its oil ontop of water over a colorful towel. Extremely underexposed with a small drop of dawn dish detergent inside. Looong process to get one that worked. Here was my miserable setup:


Dont mind the flower. It blew off a nearby bush while I was shooting and I left it in there :lol: Just to clarify, the colors are all from the towel. There was no coloring in the oil or water. Also, the photo is of a cluster of small "bubbles" less than 1/4" long. they were sailing along one of the larger "bubbles". So, the large bubbles you see in the pan are just from letting the oil sit and the bubbles aggregating.

I think I see the Death Star. :thumbsup:
There are plenty more that go with this one from my little fiasco this morning. Ill post them in their own thread and post a link here.

Mark I can imagine you sitting at home and randomly all of a sudden HEY that would be cool and off you go to set up something. Way to be inventive.
Thats exactly how it came about. Well, sort of. I was shooting some honeybees outside and noticed that everything in the background of most macro shots just ends up being a color. This reminded me, for some reason or other of This series of photos for whatever reason. Then I thought "hey..what if the colors were the backround of "bubbles" instead of put into the bubbles through coloring?" idea was born. :lol:

Love this pic :)
I'm diggin' that high-tech shooting set-up Mark! I mean, that looks like a genuine Pyrex brand baking dish. And the bricks are factory-made bricks! And that cooking oil--I mean, shoot, that's the store-boughten kind!
Haha, totally not Pyrex either. Got it from the dollar store. :lol:. You like my nice little reflector sticking out of the right side? Its made of tin pans (The disposable kind that are like $.30 each) all bent together. :lol:

That IS a cool pic. I like the textured bubbles. Makes them look like planets.

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