So who is this band on the run ?


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Jan 15, 2006
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Cannock UK
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Inspired by the Wings album cover of the 1970s
(ouch! I was a teenager then ) this is the first half decent print I have produced in color in the darkroom. Originally shot as part of my portrait portfolio at college.
Comments please :mrgreen:

JonK said:
I like it! :D
very cool shot....just a bit blown in the highlights.
I have printed it a bit underexposed to emphasise the light _ I didn't like the version the lab did which was really toned down, maube I've gone a bit too far, do you reckon half a stop less when printing ?

JonK said:
what are you using as a light source and what is the BG?
The light source is the college flash unit (a fairly punchy one :wink:) fitted with a snoot for the spotlight effect. As to the BG, I presume you mean background (half asleep today) it's an old grey bacvkground cloth -- which has seen better days. One person commented it looks like the moon, in the darker version it looks just like an old tatty backgroungd cloth, one of the reasons for 'blowing' the highlights a little.

Thanks for the comment

very nice, love the setup. The thumb bothers me slightly since it covers his mouth but not enough for a huge impact, but that's subject to opinion.

oh, and props on producing and printing color in the darkroom, that's not easy stuff!
I asked to pose Peter Cushing but got no response , :)
Great shot. :thumbup:

One of my all time favorite album covers, it's just too much fun. :D

I think you did a great job. The blown highlights don't bother me, seeing as how it's supposed to be a searchlight.

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