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    hello friends,
    i need your opinion, again. I was looking for my first lens and a was reading all kind of reviews about a bunch of lenses. Well the idea is that i have this canon T1i( body only) and this year i can afford to buy just 1 lens. I will travel a lot this year( and this is another reason why i don't want to carry to many lenses with me) . I like do photograph landscape, wild animals, birds, flowers(very close), sports, portets...(etc). I was thinking to buy a Sigma 28-70 mm f/2.8 EX Aspherical Lens and to attach maybe a 2x teleconverter( to get more zoom) and a close-up ring ( for macro). Please guys, let me know if this is a really bad idea. If you consider that this lens is not good at all, let me know , please, what are my options. My budget for the lens is about $ 400 or less. Is 2.8 fast for what i want do to?(and for my budget?):confused:
    Is sigma 28-70mm EX Aspherical lens or
    SIGMA EX 50-150mm F2.8 APO EX DC HSM compatible with my Canon T1i?


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