Some Flower Shots


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Mar 23, 2012
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So with my new lens I tried some flower shots. I don't know if you would consider these "macro" but I kinda like them. What do you think?


$DSC_0144-2.JPG (focus is a bit off)

Bump. I know these are cliche, but I could use a little feedback nonetheless.
like the first flower .... the second is a let down by the depth of field... just a tad to shallow for my taste :)
See, I like a shallow DOF, but I think the focus on the second flower should have been a touch lower. See how the bottom petals are already getting blurry but the stem on the top of the picture is still sharp? I would have liked to see it the opposite. I still like the second one better than the first. The first one is pretty, but it's a bit too much "IT'S A FLOWER!" in-your-face for my tastes. I like a bit more context for the subject.

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