Some newer mtb and bmx shots


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Nov 25, 2007
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Raleigh, NC
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From our ride on Saturday, used my 50mm instead of the 18-55 because I had no luck getting good shots on friday with the 18. Using manual focus with the 50mm gave me great looking shots so I was happy.




wow.. nice shots.
and manual focus????
Haha, yeah manual focus, I've tried to use autofocus with that lens and I never seem to get anything in focus. I just focus on the top of the lander and it works pretty much every time.
oh yes.. good idea about focussing on the lander.
u could also try continuous focus mode to catch the bike itself. It may give you a little more DOF too with a larger aperture...dunno..

Would be nice to catch a jump from the side also with a panning shot... would show some great action.

nice shots all...
I really like the table! Was the timing a little off for the no hander? Great riding and pictures, I want to see more
^I was probably a little late on the tuck no hander, he could get those huge. You can see more in my flickr account, in my signature.
we use to take pics laying in the middle of the jump, u should try it. also they are some realllly good lookin jumps, very wide landings

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