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Apr 3, 2009
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Whats up im new on this forum, i thought id share my work with everyone. Im a photographer for west coast rap artists, here is some of the artists ive worked with.
Nu Jerzey Devil in Compton


Major James

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1) There's a halo around the person in the centre. Clouds look overly processed, to me.
2) I like the composition, and although there's a slight colour balance issue, I think it suits the picture. Despite the HDR processing, there's still some overexposed/blownout areas.
3) I quite like this shot, as well. Is this an HDR, too? It looks a bit like it, and I'm not sure the scene really suits it, although I like the result.
to much processing on the HDR for me.. when a person starts to look like a cartoon drawing, I think it looses its photography skill and becomes more about the post processing skill.. i can take any crappy photo and process the heck out of it and make it look good...

most of my problem is that i try to process as little as possible.. I mean i think post processing is ok... but when you spend hours doing processing, it takes away from shooting time... I try not to spend more than 30 mins doing processing on a shot... but thats just me
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I think #1 is outstanding. I would probably clone out the power line from the original, but overall, amazing. A luminesque red and deep grey catches my eye everytime.

I think I know who you are from another forum. If it's who i think it is, you do incredible work. Look forward to more.
I think the first could do with better light, which would probably make the heavy processing look better. The artist's face is in shadow, and the two in the back look hazy, if that makes sense. The second has really nice composition, and I think the third is the best of these. The lighting is definitely the best, and the processing manages to look gritty and artificial without being over the top. Nice work.

How are you doing your lighting on these?
1. Looks to fake to me, a little heavy on the HDR work. The guys crouching in the back look a little like they were digitally rendered.

2. Great composition, my only gripe with this one is I look at the blown out tree first.

3. My favorite, generally well done, looks good
at first, hdr photography was kind of neat for a while, but now it's played out and most people wind up over processing. you show a great example of over processing in the first two images, but the last one is ok (still a little over processed in my opinion)
thanks a lot for all the feedback i really appreciate it. i do agree that the first photo is alittle dark but im still learning and the getting better at it. If you guys have anymore tips for me id appreciate it.

I suppose if it's what you like it's a good representation of it, but I personally do not like that at all. Way way way overprocessed, and issues within that overprocessing (such as the halo).

Sorry. Just my opinion, of course.
first of all ststinner those arent gang signs so dont get too excited and start talking like your 75 years old. Its 2009 its not 1923 get with the program
I think the composition in the first two is good. #1 is way too over processed and it takes away from the picture. The perspective is good and I do like the look of the jeans, but the area around the lead subjects face is just too dark and over done. I would give the processing another shot. I think it shows promise.

#2 would probably be my favorite as it has a very artistic feel to it and it's not over done.
stsinner said:
I can do without the gang signs... Hard to judge something you find repulsive... I'll prolly have to clear my cookies and create a new screen name after this, but it is what it is... West Cost Rap, East Cost Rap... It's all just a cancer that makes our kids act ignorant..... Sorry if I can't get excited about your artwork... It's the content that leaves me cold.. Nothing wholesome about it. ...

Sorry mods... I bid you adieu if you choose to ban me, but this ignorance has nothing to do with photography or art.. It's perpetuating ignorance and should be banned... It should be in the rules-no gang signs....

Bigboi3 saying, "Pictures are dope..." Really? On a professional website?? What does this fool have to offer professional photographers and aspiring photographers? If we're being honest.... Nothing I seek more than, "Dope," photographs...

There must be websites you can go to where they welcome this kind of "artwork.."

In all fairness, "I am offended by and condescend toward your work" isn't a professional response either (since when was "Photography Beginners' Forum and Photo Gallery" professional anyway?). If you were treating this professional work professionally, you would put aside personal biases against the subject matter and critique the technique and outcomes.

stsinner said:
I'm afraid that that is a gang sign... Sorry to be the one to break it to you.. Maybe you thought you captured him in just some cute pose, but extending certain fingers while retracting others is forming a gang sign, and it's perpetuating ignorance and violence, and I think it's repulsive.. No matter how perfectly you think you had your camera set...

This definition is ridiculous. The middle finger, the peace sign, and a "number one" gesture all fall under "gang signs?" Or is it more about the people who are making the gestures? While I think it's up to you to decide what is and isn't profane in your mind, to criticize someone for giving "unprofessional" feedback while simply judging the subject matter might be a little unfair.

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