some pics around the reservoir, C&C welcome!


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Nov 4, 2011
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this was my first venture in this park area, so i think i more accomplished getting a couple ideas for next time than i did get any really good pictures but im hoping i can get some advice to improve:

this is a merge of two images:

this mossy sidewalk just seemed like it could make an interesting picture but i dont think i got any out of it that i truly like, any advice about possibly improving? I feel like i just dont like the framing of it but im sure theres more to it than just that.

and heres another angle, i played around with cropping this really tight which was maybe a little more interesting but im not sure (this is uncropped).
i like #1 and #2 but not so keen on #3 it just looks like you've done a quick snap.... just my opinion.
#1 is my favorite. The stump is a pretty good foreground element and it takes me up to the top of the image nicely. I have to agree with jackiex_x, #3 doesn't look like it has much going on for it. Maybe for #2 you could take it vertically rather than horizontally and frame the path between the two trees.
I really like the first image, and the second as well. If i could offer one suggestion, I would compose the second shot having the borders of the path converg from the two lower corners. You would have to shoot from a low perspective but it would look cool. I always try to have lines, beginning in the corners, leading further into my images. Otherwise, good work!
The first one if definatley the best. Second one has a good feel to it. The third unfortuneatley looks like you were in a rush. :)


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