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Jul 7, 2010
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Long time I have not asked for C&C recently I took some shots want your opinions ,


I am also working on my website, let me clear I am not a pro neither I am planing to make money by selling pic (you need good photo to that i know), I am just making my place to show case my photography to make people impress now I add a cause now.

till now I have just added picture only more things to come


so please give me suggestion I need lot's of it
Thank you







A good start - not sure if it's your post-processing or your camera settings, but the images you've posted have more contrast and saturation than would be ideal.
yea, the Sat is killing me. Im not crazy about 2 and 3 but the others i like alot.
1) i like the look
2) too much saturation here. tone it down a bit.
3) lens correct the vigenntin.
4) i like the frozen action here.
5) has the look of #1. i like it
6) give the darker clouds more light
Agree with others about contrast/saturation - #1 is good, perhaps better with the background darkened
Also agree about the saturation.
I really like #6
The only one that doesn't do anything for me is #2.
#4 needs to be sharper.
I like #1 the best. Great textures on the skin and shirt.
You all are right i was making my images over sat. and contras in PP, Now i will keep in mind in future i have already made changes in my shots sliding down sat and con.

I also have one more thing to ask , the picture I shot size around 8 to 10 mb but when i am resizing it to 800x600 i lose quality , as happened hear also , so how to avoid it

and I want to print this picture for frame
what print size you suggest me please and should I send my picture to snap fish to take print out or local photo studios

From PicShaikh">From PicShaikh
those are alright a little to much contrast and saturation and i would have tried to blur the kid in number 4 a little more because it almost looks like hes gonna land on his head instead of doing a flip

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