Some pictures from the park today


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Feb 15, 2009
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Today i bought myself a Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G lens and then went to the park. unfortunately, all the new pictures i'm posting besides 1 are with my 55-200mm VR






#5 (taken with the 35mm @ f/1.8)

Critique and feed are always appreciated!

Oh, look: that goose's egg is hatching! What a moment to witness!
Your 55-200mm VR gives you a nice bokeh! I like these. Apparently the weather was lovely! As shows the only example pic taken with your new lens ;).
I quite like 4, too, and the wonderful blue eyes of the goose.
thanks for the comments guys!! any criticism or feedback for me? I'm looking to get better. On Flickr, i was told to shoot on the same plane as what i'm shooting (referring to #3), but besides that, anything else?
I don't see why and how "shooting on the same plane as what [you're] shooting" should have helped specifically Photo 3? I doubt we would have been able to see as clearly as we do now that the egg is hatching! And would you have wanted to toss yourself into the "guano" all around to get on that "same plane"?
Well, I find these as well done as can be expected, given the subjects and surroundings.
Those are some nice pictures coming from a D40!

Is #4 standing on 1 leg or only has 1 leg?
Those are some nice pictures coming from a D40!

Is #4 standing on 1 leg or only has 1 leg?

Only has one leg. I 'm not sure what happened to the other :(

Thanks for the comments everyone! and yeah, that's why i didn't get on the same plane haha. goose poop everywhere.

the 35mm is awesome! although i haven't really used it too much yet.

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