Sony 6300 issues


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Nov 28, 2018
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I’ve been happy with this mirrorless camera for about 4 years. Last year it wouldn’t accept a firmware update but I ignored it. Now it has trouble changing the settings such as ISO and drive mode. Today at aquarium attraction I needed to rapidly change ISO keeping up with my grandson and family members changing positions, in vastly different lighting. The wheel/ button for ISO just refused to function and bring up the scroll to different settings. This happened several times. Also going from 2 second shutter delay to instant shutter was non responsive.

Sitting at home later when not in a hurry everything works but only if I hit the function button first. I’ve used it for years just using the large wheel button. Never had to push function button before.

I just did a reset to original settings and it seems to work right again. The Sony menu is a nightmare but I’m used to it. Does this happen to other people? Facebook

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