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    New Price of 400 for everything!

    Hey guys,

    I love my camera but times are getting tougher for me and my family, More bills than income, So unfortunatley i'd like to try and sell one of my children ( Camera ) lol to help out with my bills.

    I bought this camera new in january this year, Probably only taken about 500 or so shots with it. It came with the 18-70mm lens so that will go with it as well as everything else in the box it came with. Seperate i purchased the memory card a camera bag and tri-pod. wich will all come with it as well, And Finally I bought an extra extended warranty threw best buy geek squad I believe it's a 2 year warranty that alone was an extra 150.00. you will also get the original reciept with everything else and a few books i have aquired over this time on photography.
    I will ship it for an extra quote will be givien

    If interested please email me at or you can call or text me at 914 733 2103,


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