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Mar 25, 2009
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I am definately the epitome of a newb when it comes to photography but for some reason I absolutely love it. I find myself driving down the road on the way to work just looking for things to stop and take a picture of. My problem of course is, I have this image in my head of how the picture "should" look but making that happen is always my challenge. I use Photoshop CS2 but that is about it. I am lucky to really know how to do anything with it but I am learning as I go. Anyhow, here are a few pics that I have taken recently and as most on here I am looking for tips and tricks to improve. Thanks for any feedback I may get...






Nice pics. I shoot with a Sony a200. I just ordered myself a new a350 today. I really like the Sony Dslr cameras over the Nikons and Canons.

I know what you mean about always looking for things to take pictures of. Luckily, I really like taking landscape pics, and I have just about everything imaginable within 50 miles of me here in Idaho.
I have NOTHING to compare my camera to other then a point and shoot.

on another note, I just edited pic 3 a little more, I like it better now. I know the hair in her face is killing me, but I still can't figure out how to photoshop it out. The original was way to centered imo, but what the heck do i know!?!?!

Same here. Before my a200, all I had used were P&S. I figured that I would just buy the base model Sony Dslr to see how I liked them, and to see if I would enjoy photography. Well, I ended up liking both very much.
Even the a200 was miles ahead of any P&S I had owned as far as image quality.
There's something about these images that don't look quite right...the colors seem off and too contrasty. And there is some major CA (chromatic aberration) going on in the last shot. It looks present in the first 2 shots too but not as bad. It's also in the 3rd's really noticable in the recropped image along the pink sleeve. Don't notice it in the 4th shot. The 4th image is pretty nice, but the horizon is a little crooked.
What lens are you using ?
There is a lot of chromatic aberrations with the lens.
That last photo with the three cars has some serious barrel distortion.
ok so having to google CA has helped me understand what both of you were talking about and I definately see it now. So how does one go about correcting this issue?

lens -sony 18-70mm f3.5-5.6 (some of those had a 2x telephoto attached and wide angle as well)
CA is due to poor optics.
You cannot correct that. You would have to get a lens that is better designed.

It could be caused by a poor quality teleconverter or wide angle filter.

Which shot were taken without either ?
What post processing programs do you have? I know that Lightroom has an option for correcting CA. Im not sure about PS but it probably has it somewhere also.
Did your Sony come with any photo editing software? I shoot with a Canon XTi and the Canon software can correct chromatic aberration and some lens distortion.

I'm sure you can fix those problems with Photoshop too.
#4 and #5 were both wideangle the others had a 2x teleconverter lens.

only processing programs I have are a couple Image Data programs (came with camera) and Adobe PS CS2.
I would be more worried about the quality of the optics you are using than trying to correct it.

I have the Sony 18-70mm kit lens also, and I have never taken a picture with that much CA.
I am suspecting your teleconverter and/or your wide angle lens attachment is the cause. I would stop using either.
edit: found this on CS2

To compensate for chromatic aberration in Camera Raw
Zoom into an area near the corner of the preview image. For the best results, the area should contain very dark or black detail against a very light or white background. Look for the color fringing.
In the Lens tab, move one or more of the following sliders:
Fix Red/Cyan Fringe Adjusts the size of the red channel relative to the green channel. This compensates for red/cyan color fringing.
Fix Blue/Yellow Fringe Adjusts the size of the blue channel relative to the green channel. This compensates for blue/yellow color fringing.
Look at the preview image as you move the slider to the left or right. If you’re adjusting red/cyan color fringing, you can hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) to hide the blue/yellow color fringing. Similarly, hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) while adjusting the blue/yellow color fringing to hide the red/cyan color fringing. Your goal is to reduce the color fringing as much as possible.
Just shoot with the 18-70mm alone.
You will see a difference.

If you need wider or more telephoto, then invest in lenses that will do the job better than any converters.
ok so i have been playing around with some of the filters on PS, look any better???





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