Sony a6000/a5100 puzzle (prime lens)


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Aug 23, 2015
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Hi everyone,

I've been reading this forum for a while but only now I needed to ask something that I didn't find the answer for yet.

I've been looking to buy a new camera but I'm having problems chosing the right one. At first, I wanted to give a look at the Nikon P900 and the Canon SX60 HS but then I quickly changed to the Nikons and Sonys. BTW, I'm not a professional - only someone who enjoys photography (I've been shooting with a Minolta X-700 just to feel how nice it is to take nice shots manually).

At the moment, I have this options:

- Sony a5100 with the 16-50mm + 55-210mm lenses for 649€
- Sony a6000 with the 16-50mm lens + a case + a 16GB SD for 659€
- Nikon D5300 with the 18-50mm lens for 599€ (not a fan of the big sized bodys and lenses though)

The thing is the more I read, look and experiment (in several stores) the more I find out that the kit lenses don't make justice to the real camera quality/potencial. So, I started to think about the option of buying the body only and then add a prime lens. For example:

- Sony a6000 body (479€)
+ the Sigma 30mm 2.8 DE Art 179€ (total 658€)
or Sigma 60mm 2.8 189€ (668€)
or Sony 50mm 1.8 NEX 229€ (708€)

- Sony a5100 body (369€)
+ the Sigma 30mm 2.8 DE Art 179€ (total 548€)
or Sigma 60mm 2.8 189€ (558€)
or Sony 50mm 1.8 NEX 229€ (598€)

- Since the D5300 Body is way more expensive (539€), I'd have to go for the D3300 for example. I that is not something I'd like to do because the D3300 lacks some features that I really like (tilt screen, hight burst mode and wi-fi+NFC for example).

So, after all this, my question is if it's worth it to buy the body only + a prime lens and, if so, if this option for prime lens is good. I could buy later on (next year for example) a telezoom lens.

I'd use it for a variaty of situations, from urban photography to landscapes and night shots. I just need some more inputs from more experienced people as if it's a better option to buy body+prime, fixed zoom lens or one of the other options.

Also, I'm open to other suggestions but that's not my priority.

Thank you!
The A6000 has fast AF ... but possibly for the type of photography you do, you might not need that.
I think my NEX-6 is pretty good in IQ and focus speed for anything but action stuff ... and you might want to consider having an EVF. I like a viewfinder vs looking at a large LCD.

I honestly don't find the E PZ 16-50mm lens that bad ... it is really handy if you want to keep the camera small for street photography.
One reason I got a NEX for for it's physical size, and it defeats the purpose when the lens is large.

I have no problems with having a bunch of primes ... actually my old film gear was only primes. Since the camera and lenses are so small for the NEX, I would not hesitate doing that again.

The Sigma fixed focal length lenses do have some good ratings ... I would have gone with those if the NEX was my more primary camera ... though Batis would be preferred.

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