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Aug 7, 2010
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Anybody shooting with this bad boy yet? Is it the real deal or should I just jump ahead to a Canon T2I? I like the size of it, and the 7 frames per second priority burst mode. Are these reasons to buy it instead of the T2I or am I crazy? Thanks for any advice.
I think it takes 23 presses of the button on the back to adjust the ISO value, and ISO value is in the Brightness/Color menu. IMMSMC.

The NEX 5 camera has almost NO buttons or's exceptionally menu-driven..which could be a PITA if you want to adjust the camera much. It is a sweet-looking small camera but it uses a relatively huge zoom lens, and is in a mount that has very few choices, lens or accessory-wise.
The NEX's are OK for what they are, the offerings from Olympus and Panasonic though really are far superior for the photographer who appreciates image quality and control.

IMO for the best in the mirrorless cameras, You don't have to look too far past the Olympus E-P2 or Panasonic G2 or GH1.

NEX in a nutshell: Sex appeal with the aluminum lenses, high res screens, good sensor, lousy optics, big lenses, lousy control surfaces when things need to be changed.

m4/3rds in a nutshell: More options in optics, slightly lesser IQ at upper ISO's, incredible optics, small lenses.

DSLR's in a nutshell: Plain Jane, Old Faithful, no surprises.
The Sony NEX-5 is the first Sony camera system mirrorless interchangeable lens, with the model less well specced NEX-3 which was launched by her side. With 14.2 megapixel Exmor CMOS APS HD, 25-point contrast detection autofocus system, metering 49-segment and 3-inch tilting LCD panel with 921.000-dot resolution the NEX-5 seems to have this it takes to compete with devices already established Micro Four Thirds from Panasonic and Olympus, and the new Samsung NX
For me personally, I will take the T2i instead of the Sony.

Interchange lens system .... but I do not think the camera has much lens choices. (At least for now). I would rather buy the Panaonic/Olympus instead. At least, they have more lens choices (from AF lenses to some older MF lenses with adapter)
I played with the Sony NEX-3 the other day and it is a solid camera. I agree with the sentiment that the menu interface is a frustrating to say the least. I'm am minimalist at heart and was begging for more buttons and dials on this thing. The IQ is superior to the EP-1 at high ISO, which was what attracted me to the camera. Lack of optics is to be expected on a new release, but is forthcoming I'm sure. I may wait for a more pro-sumer model before I pull the trigger. I like the EP-1, but I need better low light performance at high ISO.
seems like a great little camera for situation when a full size DSLR is simply too much to carry, but you still want a quality pictures.
If you want quality, use the money for something like the Panasonic m4/3 models or the olympus ones. Even the samsung. From what I've seen/used, the NEX5 lacks quality in pictures. Even on a small photoframe of 10" it looks pretty bad.

NEX3/5 are about the looks personally, Sony's always been a bit more style oriented. Just my $0.02.
These are my first test shots with the Sony NEX 5 Camera

1. Nikon 24/1.4G

2. Leica R 35/2.8

3. Leica M 35/2 ASPH

4. D3s with Nikon 24/1.4G

Photos of the NEX 5 with Lens

1. Leica M 35/2 ASPH

2. Leica R 35/2.8

3. Nikon 24/1.4G

4. D3s vs. NEX 5

I am going to do some real life shots with this NEX 5 next.
Here are some more from today taken outside

1. Bamboo

2. Rack of cups

3. Trash Wagon

4. Flower

Not bad for a little camera
I have the NEX-3, I like it. I have only had P&S before so for me its a real improvement
I agree that the available Sony Lenses leave something to be desired. I recently purchased a Leica M to NEX lens adapter and mounted a Voigtlander Ultron 28mm f/2 lens on my NEX-5 body. The IQ results with this lens is much better than the stock lenses. Once I got used to manual focus, I was able to consistently get tack sharp images with little degradation in the corners. The Voigtlander also yields very clean images with almost no signs of color fringing.

I've taken well over 1000 photos with the camera and feel the NEX menu system and UI is easy to use. I don't really have a problem with it nor do I find it frustrating to use. You have to accept that the NEX is not an SLR nor does it have all the functionality of an SLR. I purchased it so that I had a smaller and lighter travel option. It's an added bonus that the image quality is on a par with my Canon DSLR when using the Voigtlander lens.
This is my coffee table pest, Beige. Shot with a Nokton 50/1.1


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