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Sorry about my ignorance...


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Mar 30, 2009
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Hi, I start photography with films... 30 years later.

Now I will finally upgrade to digital.

I have a professional Sunpak kit, and used it for many years with my Minolta x700.

I want to known if I need to buy another type of flash to produce good images, or if now exists an adapter to use my oldfashion Sunpak kit with Sony SLR A200 and A700. I heard about different synch problems from analog to digital flash models.

Can You help me?

from Brazil
Welcome to the forum.

The only problem that you might encounter with older flash units, is that the sync voltage might be higher than the camera can handle. You can protect your camera by using something like THESE.
Hi, Thanks.

I really appreciate the information.

In your opinion, what is the best cell flash (to duplicate flash light and make effects. for weddings and portrait)? Can I use my old fashion analog flash cells (with my "ancient" analog flashes? I will improve all my system to digital... and I try to buy only the essential things... I work with 3 flashes, 1 frontal Sunpak heavy and 2 auxiliary Metz... That results good for most situations. The digital system has the same time answer (time flash connection), or I must to buy an extra adapter?

Thanks a lot for Your time!

It would also help to know what your camera is rated for..this information isn't always easy to find. My cameras, for example are rated for 250v...so most flash units would be OK.

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